Topical Bundle (1000 mg Salve, 500 mg Lotion, Hemp Love Lip Balm)


Topical Bundle


-(1) 1000 mg Pur IsoLabs Full Spectrum Salve

-(1) 500 mg Pur IsoLabs Muscle Relief Unscented Lotion

-(1) Hemp Love Vanilla Lip Love Balm


Pur IsoLabs' Topical Bundle includes a set of 3 of our favorite topical products including our top selling 1000 mg salve, our 500 mg Muscle Relief Lotion, and Hemp Love's Vanilla Lip Love lip balm.  Save and try all 3 for the ultimate in topical bliss.

Pur IsoLabs' 1000 mg Salve

Pur IsoLabs' 1000 mg Full Spectrum Salve features a unique blend of ingredients that create a therapeutic and extremely penetrating whole hemp plant extract formula, suitable for numerous applications, especially spot treatment. 

Ingredients:  1000+ mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Extracts including CBD, Beeswax, MCT Oil,  Purified & Deodorized Pure Emu Oil, and Lavender.   

Pur IsoLabs' 500 mg Muscle Relief Lotion

Pur IsoLabs' premium activated whole hemp extract muscle relief lotion consists of a proprietary blend of oils, butters, and botanicals.  This distinctive blend is great for all over application, and leaves skin feeling hydrated and luxurious, with no greasy residue. Each bottle contains 500+ mg of active cannabinoids, including CBD.

Hemp Love Vanilla Lip Love

Nourish and moisturize your lips with Hemp Love's Vanilla Lip Love lip balm.  The light vanilla scent is a treat for the senses.

Total Retail Value:  $112

Bundle Price:  $97

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